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Thinking about giving us a visit?
Here are some FAQ’s you might find helpful.

What should I wear?
Almost every week you’ll hear us say, “We’re casual, contemporary, and Bible-centered.” So, when you come to worship, feel free to come casual. Trust us, you’ll fit right in.

Am I going to like the music?
Chances are, if you like music, you’ll love our worship at Inspire. Our music trends towards contemporary. Our band features keyboards, guitars, drums, violin, and some great voices. Our worship pastor, Bryan Hitch, has been leading worship for years and brings a wonderful sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as he leads us.
And oh yeah, our music is not obnoxiously loud.

What is communion like at Inspire?
Communion is a valued expression of our faith at Inspire. We practice “open communion.” That is, anyone who follows Jesus as Savior is welcome to share communion. We observe communion the first Saturday of each month.
Do you wear nametags?
Each week we take the time fill out and wear nametags. Why? Well, one reason is we’re finding it harder to remember names! But more importantly, we all wear nametags because we expect newcomers every week. And it helps us all to smile and greet everyone by name.
Are my young children or grandchildren welcome?
YES! We love kids at Inspire. But, please know we don’t offer nursery, children’s ministry, or youth ministry. Most of the young people who visit Inspire enjoy the lively worship music. And it’s been rumored that Pastor Jim can be entertaining when he preaches!

Why do you worship on Saturdays?
A few years ago, we found it beneficial to move to a new location in Sun City West. At that time, our only choices were to worship on Sunday afternoon or Saturday afternoon. We chose Saturday and have fallen in love with that time. Come and worship with us for a few Saturdays and you just might enjoy Saturday church, as well.

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